The wise would say that goals are met through determination and perspiration but the even wiser would also acknowledge that it takes resources and support to make them materialize. This is where managed funds step in. Intrinsically, they are investment vehicles but also goal enablers.

Managed Fund: Aim higher for more benefits

When one falls ill and the fever does not respond to the aspirins taken, most of us would consult a doctor for recovery advice. Likewise, a managed fund is as essential as a doctor for a health prescription, when it comes to nurturing investment. However, many individuals jump on the investment bandwagon alone without considering the risks the decision carries and the opportunities which could be missed by isolating themselves.

Let`s have a closer look at the benefits of investing through managed funds rather than as an individual investor.

  1. New Avenues of Possibilities
    Through a managed fund, you can have access to investments which otherwise you would not be eligible for as an individual investor, owing to the costs they entail, like international shares, for instance. In fact, the capital you have injected in a managed fund is added to the money of other investors. The overall purchasing power swells up, opening up new avenues of possibilities alongside.
  2. Diversification Opportunities
    Funds invest across geographies and a legion of sectors. By leveraging their expertise, you can build a strong and rich portfolio which yields high returns on investment. Interestingly, diversification is also a strategic shield. When downtimes take a particular sector of your investment by storm, your capital is not totally exposed since, by tapping into multiple markets, the risks have been spread. In contrast, for individual investments, the spectre of significant risks is always looming large in the background as diversification is harder to achieve alone.
  3. Choosing the Perfect Fund
    The investment decision is always preceded by an introspection to localize the deepest wishes. During the self-assessment, the financial resources needed to achieve the goals become clearer and naturally the next step consists of choosing a fund that meets the set financial objectives. Given the cross-sectorial and geographical exposition of some managed funds, you can find an investment opportunity that perfectly matches your profile.
  4. Full-Time Expertise
    Professionals in the investment domain stack up knowledge about markets, interest rates and currencies each day. They keep abreast of latest developments and trends which could positively impact the portfolio through constant monitoring of the markets. An individual investor who recently stepped in the investment arena would most likely not carry the same baggage as an expert who has sharpened his/her judgment over the years. Lack of experience could lead to impulsive and costly transactions decisions. For successful returns, the individual investor should ensure that he/she can devote full time to the investment project, particularly if diversifying the portfolio tops the agenda. Managed funds emerge as the best options to thwart any risk of failure.
  5. Consolidated Reporting
    With on-going transactions, truckload of documents pile up. Luckily managed funds offer frequent consolidated reporting and thorough data on balances in a comprehensive way which additionally ease recording. Plus with the availability of online statements, you can have access to your negotiations anywhere and anytime.
  6. Low Investment Capital
    Since investors’ capital are pooled together, investment is low. With an investment starting at Rs1000 on a monthly or quarterly basis, iPro Growth Fund’s Systemic Investment Plan (SIP) is accessible to a wide audience. Do you dream of a brighter and stress-free future for your kids? Get in touch with us now!

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