There are two alternative ways of investing in IPRO Growth Fund (IGF), as follows:

  1. By setting up a ‘Systematic Investment Plan’ (i.e. a SIP); and/or
  2. By making a Lump Sum payment


Lump Sum Investment


What is a Lump Sum Investment? 

It allows individuals to invest any accumulated amount of capital at hand into IPRO Growth Fund with a view to make it grow over the long-term.

Why should you consider to effect a Lump Sum investment with IPRO Growth Fund?

  • It is open to all investors
  • It is easy to invest, if you have a certain amount of capital at hand, and aim to achieve capital growth to fulfil your long-term goals
  • The required minimum investment for each lump sum is as low as Rs. 1,000
  • Investments are redeemable at any time
  • There are no exit fees
  • Monthly statements are accessible online
  • You will receive regular updates to your investment


How to start your investment with IPRO Growth Fund with a Lump Sum?

You only need to downloadcomplete and sign the relevant application form & the standing order instructions letter found here , and send these back to us to together with scanned copies of the relevant identification documents, as detailed here

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