Systematic Investment Plan


Why should you invest in the IPRO Growth Fund?

  • Strong performance of the IPRO Growth Fund
  • The Fund is regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission
  • We give you access to fast growing Africa
  • The Fund is managed professionally by IPRO Fund Management Ltd

What is a Systematic Investment Plan? 

It allows individuals to make regular payments in the IPRO Growth Fund, as little as Rs. 500 per month

 Why should you have a Systematic Investement Plan with IPRO Growth Fund? 

  • It is opened to all investors
  • It is easy to invest and achieve your long-term goals
  • It is affordable with a minimum investment of only Rs. 500 per month
  • Monies are accessible to investors at any time
  • There is no exit fee
  • You can access your monthly statement online
  • You will receive regular updates of your investment


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